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Agile Humor – More Agile Drinks

Agile Humor – Agile Drinking Game

Agile Humor – Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road (2)

Agile Humor – Agile or Not Agile – the RNC Convention Edition

More Words to Live By

Agile or Not Agile?

What Your PM Really Means

There Goes That Damn Lightbulb Again…

The Definition of Done”

Still More Agile Humor”

Top Ten Rejected Agile Taglines

Yo Momma’s So Agile

You Know You’re An Agile Wannabe When…

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Agile Jokes

More Agile Jokes

Agile Haiku

Words To Live By

What Do You Stand For?

Overheard – An Agile Crossword

Twas The Night…

“I’ll Take Agile for $1,000, Alex…”

The Agile Billboard Top 10

The Agile Manifesto if Twitter Existed in 2001

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