Agile Humor – And Still More Agile Drinks

Minimum Viable Moscow Mule

Vodka, lime juice and ginger beer drunk warm from a paper cup in Sprint 7. The ice isn’t scheduled to happen til Sprint 8, and the copper mug was cut from the budget.

Really Old Fashioned

Rye whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, and a few waterfall splashes. Takes forever to make, and by the time you serve it, the client wants something else.

Scrum Swizzle

Gold & dark rums, juice, and bitters, drunk standing up at 9 am.  Every team member takes a turn saying how many they drank yesterday, how many they plan to drink today and any roadblocks that might prevent their consumption.

Pair Martini

Vodka, pear nectar, lemon juice  and simple syrup.  One programmer drinks it, the other reviews the first programmer’s technique to make sure they did it right.

The Cocktail Hour

More Agile Drinks

Even More Agile Drinks



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