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Data Analytics – The Myopia of Estimates – Part 2

Curiosity Wasn’t Priced In

Curiosity is a good thing. It’s vital when it comes to data. It uncovers the “why” behind the “what”. Failing to price in curiosity can be the difference between “servicable” and “wow”. Good analysts will follow their curiosity anyway.

Timelines Allowing No Mistakes or Delays

Someone will screw up and code will need fixing. Someone will come to work with the flu and infect 3 people. Machines will break. Approvals will be delayed. People will change their minds. Optimism isn’t your friend when it comes to estimating.

Death by Meeting

How long will it take to code this? About 8 hours.
Estimate: 8 hours
8 hours of coding plus 2 hours of meetings = 10 hours
Boom! You’re 25% over on the job.

The Myopia of Estimates Part 1